Making The Move To Senior Housing

The moving process always causes a great deal of stress which, for seniors and their families, can be compounded by a number of complicating factors. The following are a few tips for those who are getting ready to move.

Downsize early

Often, seniors are moving into a smaller space when transitioning into a senior housing community, which means many of belongings they may have accumulated over the years won’t fit in their new home. This can create a very difficult situation when it comes time to move, as it often comes down to throwing away many items which hold sentimental value.

Try to go through this process as early and as gradually as possible. Get the family together and go through the basement, attic or garage well before the time comes to move. Doing so will ensure that the move to senior housing goes much more smoothly.

Check to make sure it’s a good fit

Often families overlook seemingly-smaller issues when selecting a senior housing community which can prove to be deal breakers down the road. After finding a community that is in the desired area and provides the basic care needs, continue to ask questions. Do they allow pets? Does the community offer kosher or vegetarian meals? Is smoking allowed? What are most of the other residents like? These are often-overlooked issues that should be considered before a decision is made.

Look into getting help

Moving into senior housing poses many potential complications that one simply doesn’t have to worry about in any other situation. Seeking the help of a professional senior move manager can save mounds of time, effort and frustration in the long run.